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With great power
comes great responsibility.
✌(◠‿◠) 幸福是一个神话
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Jfc that was the hottest thing anyone has ever done ever. Yes. Control me. Holy fuck.

i want to be slutty but only with one person u feel me

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I saw this post in Facebook with the caption “apparently Mac supports windows” and I cried


who says cheesy pickup lines are dumb if you use one on me i will probably kiss you 10/10 recommend

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hello friend i have important info for u

  • u got chub: it cute
  • u got no chub: it cute
  • ur face= cute
  • ur personality= hella
  • u r wondlful buterflu
  • kick ass of ny1 who say diffrnt
  • u cute
  • live life & think outside of hte box
  • box is stupid u creative u got this 
  • go do amazin thing

that is all

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When I start to develop a crush on someone

To the boy who called her fat:
You are dumb enough to regurgitate
the lies your society has taught you.
When you have a daughter,
will you too teach her
she is worth the amount
that her breasts to her waist to her hips
are measured?
Perhaps it is a waste us women
are even educated,
it takes away from our time
at the gym or in the toilet.

To the adult that called her stupid:
She is a product of your hell.
Her brain is sliced open
and ripped to shreds
when she is taught to memorize and speak
rather than learn.
How can she absorb
when men like you insist
she is nothing bigger than her body,
rather than her brain?

To the man who called her a slut:
Have you so quickly forgotten
that you were an active participant?
Whispering in her ear
she is a whore if she does
and a prude if she doesn’t.
Who knows which is worse?
Remember, if she is so soiled
after you have finished,
perhaps you should look at your own hands
rather than her skin.


Michelle K., To the Boy, Adult, and Man. (via michellekpoems)

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